The school library:  

The school library possesses a vast reservoir of books which aims at growth for the students and it garners self esteem in them. To imbibe reading habits in students and staff members, the school library offers following: a wide range of prose/poetry/fiction, works of philosophy/art/science etc ,  magazines, comics, newspapers   textbooks supplemented by audio/video content  ( Cds, DVDs and other visual aid ).                                                                      Library contains about 8000 books.


General Science Lab

 General Science Laboratory that caters to the primary and middle section of the school.  Students are provided easy access to the different instruments and models under the able supervision and expert guidance of teachers.  Mobile laboratories on trolleys are available for Primary Section. These labs are ported to the classrooms for children to watch the experiments live as the lesson progresses.

Physics Lab

Our Physics Lab is equipped with all the latest instruments and gadgets that help the students learn the concepts of Physics in a simplified manner  and  thus making the subject more interesting to learn. The laboratory is spacious and well ventilated, with first aid and safety features. It is well stocked with sufficient apparatus for 40 students to work together at a time. Some of the featured instruments are reflecting type telescope, spectrometer, sextant, bar pendulum etc. are provided for practical education enabled with sufficient material to be used as teaching aids like charts, models, etc. Specially designed Dark Room that is equipped with apparatus like spectrometer, mercury and sodium vapour lamp etc. for performing experiments/projects on optics.



Social science Lab

We have a well furnished Social science lab with a seating capacity of 35-40 students focusing on spatial skills.

It is equipped with globes, topographical maps, solar system models, wind mill, hydro power plant models and other lab paraphernalia.

Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics lab is equipped with measuring jugs & beakers ,wall thermometer, spring balance, kitchen balance, geometrical shapes and other latest lab instruments.

Music Room

Music is a part of every known society, past and present, and is common to all human cultures across the globe.

The emotions caused by music, the attitudes of its composers and players, and the venues it is played can also vary from time to time and place to place. The music one person loves might be painful for another to listen to, and vice versa!

Psychology  Lab

Our psychology lab is equipped with human maze, anthropometer, metronome, memory drum and other latest lab equipments.

Chemistry Lab

The laboratory is equipped with all the instruments and chemicals that enable the concept building for the students in the field of Chemistry.  The lab is very spacious and well ventilated, enabled with first aid and safety features. It is fully equipped in order to meet any untoward happening.  It is well stocked with sufficient quantity of chemicals and glass apparatus. It features distillation plant, gas plant and latest instruments like Electrical Balance, Centrifuge, Electrical water bath, Magnetic stirrer etc.

Teaching aids like Charts and Atomic model sets are available to meet teaching requirements.

Biology Lab

The laboratory is well supplemented with different models of various systems that represent the human body.  Availability of  Projection microscope. Projection microscope is used extensively by the school teachers to show biological features of plants and animal tissues along with the whole amount of other microscopic plants and animals to a group of ( 10-12) students at a given point of time, thereby saving a lot of time.

 Availability of a very valuable and effective teaching aids . Micro models available in the lab provide a hands-on-experience to the students in learning about each and every organ/part of the organism. Apart from this, the laboratory has on display various specimens of flora and fauna in order to impart credible information to students.

Computer Lab

Our computer labs have the latest Pentium based multimedia machines for providing hands-on-experience to students from Nursery to Class XII.  Availability of over 40 operational computers along with LCD projectors  make teaching and learning an interesting , enjoyable and effective process.  

Advanced CAL packages are loaded on all machines for classes V-X to facilitate computer aided learning.  The internet facility enables the students to draw the latest information and educational content therefrom. Various training programmes are organised for teachers to make them computer friendly.

Sports facilities

Sharda Public School Sports Complex has facilities for cricket, football and basketball with dedicated arena for each, along with lawn tennis, table tennis and badminton courts. -The school has stupendous facilities for several indoor and outdoor games such as badminton, cricket, football, throwball etc. – Availability of special coaching in various martial arts i.e. tae-kwon-do, karate and judo is provided under the expert guidance of an experienced coach. Regular meets are organized to display the excellence in different sporting events.

The School aims at all-round development of the students. Proportionate emphasis is laid on the physical growth along with academic progress, emotional maturity and social well being.


The school possesses a majestic and capacious auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 people.It has a wide stage, vibrant lightning and advanced audio-visual arrangements.

It hosts Intra/Inter School competitions, inauguration ceremonies, club meetings, film festivals, dance programs, exhibitions and everything in between.


School has a spacious elevator that moves students and staff between the various levels of school building.

It is backed up by a generator for continuous power supply.


  1. Swimming pool

  2. Cafeteria

  3. Mini museum

  4. Gymnasium

  5. Indoor sports complex

  6. Water harvesting plant

  7. Composting plant

  8. Ecological garden

  9. MI Room 

  10. Inventory Room 

  11. Utility Room

  12. Waste Recycling Plant

  13. Ecological garden

  14. Multi-Lingual lab

  15. Digitalized Music Room

  16. Poly House 

  17. Ornamental Garden

  18. Solar power plant

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