“ Sometimes we never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ”                                                               - Dr.SEUSS

Dear Alumni,

It has been a pleasure to have you as a part of the Sharda Public School Almora family. We nurtured you in your formative years and you brought laurels to us by your outstanding achievements and accomplishments. The bond we shared has always been very special.

To further strengthen this bond, you are cordially invited to enroll yourself as a member of the SPS Alumni Association. It will be great to know where you are placed and the career you have chosen to pursue.

Good luck and God bless !

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Vineeta Shekhar

Doorba Lakchaura

Sharda Public School 2001-2017 


University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) 

Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics


Ojasvi Jalal

Sharda Public School

2000- 2014 

Course : ATM, 

BSc(Hons) Computer Science and AI.

University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

Charu Upadhyay

Sharda Public School


B. Sc. - KU, SSJ Campus

M.Sc. - KU, SSJ Campus (Chemistry) 


( currently a Research scholar - Delhi University, Miranda House)


Kartik Jalal 

Sharda Public School


Course: BsC (Hons) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Kent University (England)

@ 2020 Sharda Public School

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